posted 15-Oct-13
Acupuncture of Split's Varoš ends the workshop series

Last Friday, October 11th 2013, the final presentation of intervention proposals from the last City Acupuncture workshop was held in elementary school Marjan in Split.

Split's old suburb, Varos, was the theme of the workshop. Participants and mentors from the region visited the site in Varos, trying to solve the specific problems of this Split area. Dense morphology, inarticulate public areas and proximity of the Diocletian's palace offer a good basis for  small interventions with great influence.

A mapping of the area was done by the organizers prior to the workshop in Varos, as the basis for participants' work and for foreign participants to get a better understanding of the location. Young architects, members of the Youth section of Split Society of Architects, listed all content - crafts, stores, restaurants, apartments and all public areas and the state they are in. The site was also visited by children from the Marjan elementary school who gave their vision of problems and potential, and what they would like to see in the public areas. These childrens' observations and comments have proven to be valuable inputs during the workshop and participants found this kind of information important together with many remarks, inquiries and discussions with local citizens.

After the series of implementations of the previous City Acupuncture workshop results, it has been proven that apart from the contributions from participants and organizers, significant support from  the local authorities is required. In Split, the situation is very promising because good cooperation has already been established between the Split Society of Architects, Varos urban district and the City of Split, who has recognized the benefits of the project for the city. The project has also received official support of the Mayor Ivo Baldasar.

The participants presented their work to more than 120 local citizens, media representatives and the jury which included Ana Đeldum on behalf of City of Split, Ana Grgic and Alen Harpin from the Faculty of Civil Engineering and Architecture, Ivica Mitrovic from the Art Academy and Dean Stubnja, representative of the DAS.

The jury selected the first five proposals that address specific problems in the neighborhood, but also deal with the question of its identity and the possibility of participation of citizens in solving the problems in the area. The realization of other interventions will be decided in collaboration with the City and district Varos, and as with the previous workshops, we hope to be able to implement as many solutions designed at the workshop.

Split workshop completed the series of five workshops in the framework of the EU project, and in front of us is a period of intensive work on the realizations, as well as documenting the methodology implemented in the workshops, preparing the catalogue of proposals obtained at the workshops and other urban interventions received through applications, and finally the final conference which will be held in Zagreb in April 2014.