posted 17-Sep-13

Trnjeraj! is a small neighborhood event, part of the City Acupuncture project, which puts Savica in focus this Saturday, September 21st 2013. Seven completed projects designed and implemented by young architects and designers aiming to improve the neighborhood and the quality of life of its inhabitants will be presented to the public.

The tour of the realizations starts at 16 pm in front of the market center in the street Ljerke Sram, followed by a full-day program in collaboration with Močvara and Pogon Jedinstvo which starts at 10 am.  It includes many entertaining and educational content for all ages - engage in our street furniture workshops, ride across the river Sava, visit the 16th Močvara LP's and comics fair, enjoy the Street Workout Performance, outdoor film screenings, Trip to Zion DJs and much more!


Dynamo I love

The Zagreb workshop was held from 24th to 28th of February 2013 in Trnje. After the workshop, a total of 7 from the 13 solutions designed at the workshop were chosen for realization. The authors further developed the following projects in cooperation with their mentors and the organizing team : revitalization of the carpet beating racks (Pimp my štanga) in collaboration with children from elementary school Trnjanska, game polygon (The Cube) in collaboration with children from elementary school Jure Kaštelan and kindergarten age, cleaning and painting of the pedestrian bridge (OTW) between the first and second plateau in cooperation with local street artists, cleaning and painting of the pedestrian underpass (InOut) in collaboration with local street artists, stands under the bridge (StopBy), interactive bycicle sculptures which provide light for the Sava embankment (Dynamo I love) and the initiative for a new square (Are you for a square?) on the west side of the market.

See you at Trnjeraj!