posted 11-Apr-13
The lively acupuncture of Sarajevo completed

The final presentation of the City Acupuncture Sarajevo workshop proposals was held in Sarajevo at the Public Room premises in Podbistrik last Friday, April 5th 2013, which after Skopje, Belgrade and Zagreb completed the fourth and forelast workshop in the City Acupuncture project.
Sarajevo workshop, as in previous workshops, gathered about 40 young professionals from Zagreb, Split, Sarajevo, Skopje, Belgrade and other cities - Banja Luka, Dubica Kaknja, Pancevo and Porec, showing increasing visibility and interest for City Acupuncture workshops.

Contrasting vibrancy of shops and cafes of Baščaršija with the peaceful mahala residence cult overlooking the city, the workshop participants recognized the right to a view and the spirit of the mahala and included them in different ways in their projects. The location is separated from the bazaar by the river roads, tram lines and walking routes. At the site of former mahala houses, across Sarajevo City Hall, free space with views of the monumental building is now formed. This unfinished space, a park,  is the location  that has been thought about in the workshop and several proposals dealt with the undefined, unfinished area of the park and its relations with City Hall as well with the memory to the former starting point of Trebević cable cars.

The lack of "real" public spaces and difficulty coping with airtight mahala were backed up by lectures of old Sarajevo spirit connoisseurs which has contributed to a lively collaboration with students of catering schools in the district. Almost each group designed proposals that dealt with the schoolyard, as future public space for the presentation of the catering school products. The small wall along the Miljacka, a natural place for  students socialization, was also one of the subject matters on several occasions as it is a public gathering space along the river, which provided a possibility that the proposals related to the river unite in one common project.

The workshop included lectures that complemented the theme of acupunctural interventions and the neighborhood. from prof. Vesna Hercegovac Pašic (Sarajevo), Armin Pilaf (Sarajevo), Nihad Kreševljaković (Sarajevo), prof. Stephen Rosh (Sarajevo) and Bulgarian urban activists Radosveta Kirov and Delcho Delchev, both architects from  Sofia presented their work on public spaces.

The workshop surpassed all expectations in terms of dynamics and cohesion of the groups, and we expect no less from the Split workshop in early autumn 2013.

The workshop resulted with 21 interventions, and a jury composed of Stephen Rosh (architect), Ognjenka Finns, (architect), Vesna Hercegovac Pašic (architect), Suad Handanagic (architect) singled out 5 interventions for further elaboration and implementation. Before any final decisions the proposals created in this workshop will be presented to local residents. An exhibition of works will be held in Public Room Sarajevo premises and available in digital form on the City Acupuncture Facebook page where citizens will be able to give their comments and suggest their favorites.